Deadmau5: What makes his facebook presence so good?

Listen to this whilst reading?

Like many I’ve been keeping updated with some of the big music artists online through facebook pages for a good while now; Kanye West, Bon Iver, Skream and lots more. Out of all of them though none of them really catch my attention or interest compared to Deadmau5.

The Canadian house DJ, named after a dead mouse found in his computer, is way ahead of his peers when it comes to connecting with his fan base online in my opinion. The question is then, what makes him so much better than the other artists out there?

I’ve been thinking of reasons behind this for a little while now. It used be the day-to-day frequency of his posts. This is no longer setting him aside from the many artists who also now do this. I don’t think it’s in the content of his posts and I don’t think its within the sites and videos he links to either. One reason may be down to the fact that he is very good at reflecting his personality online.

I’m unsure on whether they do or not but it definitely feels like his management doesn’t enforce a strict policy upon Deadmau5 . His facebook posts often feel honest, tongue-in-cheek and free, in the sense he is free to talk about anything. This is a breath of fresh air compared to other artists. Robotic and self-absorbed posts are still pretty common in age where facebook makes it easy to reflect yourself.

Deadmau5 has posted pictures of his apartment, his music studio, crew members, his girlfriend playing xbox, his meals, his personal photography and his tattoos in the past and it keeps you interested. He also posts on the life of his much-loved pet cat, an important sub-character to his page that his fans have began to treat with legendary status. This unintentionally creates a page environment that isn’t always centred around the life of Deadmau5 and Deadmau5 alone, reflecting a definite level of modesty throughout the page, dumbing down music awards, linking to other people’s tracks and showing appreciation to fans.

Meowingtons, Deadmau5’s Cat

A second reason explaining Deadmau5’s facebook success could be the remarkable things. The things that no-one else is doing and offering. The golden stuff.

Deadmau5 is famous for his different ‘mouse heads’ worn on stage.  The imagery is powerful and is entertaining for fans when they go to see him live. Especially the ones that light up and sync with the music!

On November 25th last year Deadmau5 released the dimensions of the ‘mau5head’ on his facebook page for fans to make and wear at his gigs. Very cool.

Another highlight comes from the London Earls court gig cancellation late 2010. Cancelled due to heavy snowfall, instead of fans drowning their sorrows at home, Deadmau5 organised a large-scale snowball fight posting rules, times and the whereabouts near Earls court on his facebook page for his UK fans to attend. The event was a success with Deadmau5 getting involved, encouraging fans to post their own photos of the event online afterwards and creating great word of mouth for him and his music. Have you heard of an artist organising anything like this before? I certainly haven’t.

What’s also interesting is that Deadmau5’s facebook page has not only been for the benefit of fans. During the same UK leg of his 2010 tour, before a gig in Cardiff, Deadmau5 posted a last-minute cry-out to fans as to whether any of them had a spare fire-wire cable he could borrow for his laptop just hours before going on stage. In exchange for free tickets, the gig went ahead from a fan responding to a post on facebook, saving the gig.


Deadmau5 has created a reputation and it will be interesting to see how his facebook presence will develop in the near future, especially after the release of his latest album and the current limelight surrounding twitter. Online though, Deadmau5 is good at being himself and has a skill for pulling off some really remarkable ideas in comparison to other artists out there. This seems like a powerful combination. All made possible by a laissez-faire management approach to social media in this case, whatever exactly Deadmau5 does do to keep a following behind the scenes, over two and half million fans at the time of writing says a lot.

To see what he’s up to at the moment check out his page at

4×4=12, Deadmau5’s latest album released, December 6th 2010

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