Skrillex: Musicians that Persevere

Whilst looking at Deadmau5’s online presence for the last post, Skrillex, an emerging dubstep/electro-house producer came to mind. Skrillex’s story is an interesting one, one worth talking about.

After being impressed by a few tracks a friend had introduced me to, I bought tickets to one of his first UK shows at the Brighton Coalition with my flatmates. We had travelled down from London to see the show and ended up having a great night. Skrillex’s music, the reception of the crowd and his stage presence made it feel like he had been producing and DJ’ing for years.

Turns out he hasn’t.

Production is Skrillex’s second real venture in music. His first lies amongst heavy post-hardcore bands, best known for fronting the signed American hardcore band ‘From first to Last’ on vocals. Enjoying rising levels of fame during 2006 and 2007 the band’s plans for progression were ended abruptly. Sonny (Skrillex’s real name) started suffering vocal problems that began to affect performances and eventually became so serious they led to his departure from the band, leaving the band without a singer and leaving sonny in need of complex surgery on his vocal chords.

Its easy to imagine Sonny was hit hard mentally during this stage. “You can’t keep singing. You need surgery”.

As a musician myself, I can guess that this kind of news couldn’t have been taken lightly.

Despite this though, Skrillex, now burning bright as a worldwide producer and DJ demonstrates great perseverance. Accepting his vocal setback and turning it into an opportunity to produce has been an investment he is now seeing a sweet return from; signed to Deadmau5’s record label, huge fanbase and world wide tours in the pipeline all confirm this.

…a situation that may not have materialised if he didn’t suffer the setback of his vocal problems in the beginning.

Skrillex’s story is an interesting one, one that shows the importance of accepting setbacks and finding new ways of doing what you really love to do. I’ll be very surprised if Skrillex doesn’t receive the praise his music and perseverance deserves this year and it’s a credit to him where others may have given up with music.

Scary monsters and nice sprites, Skrillex’s headline track from his debut E.P.

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