Why eBay Sucks

Just a few:

~ In the feedback section it lets people view your purchases. Privacy infringement? Would your bank make all your purchases visible to anyone on the internet?

~ Doesn’t allow you to edit the original description for an item after bids have been made – a change that could be really useful to both the bidder and the seller e.g. if the info is no longer correct

~ The reluctance of working with phone numbers between buyers and sellers – a phonecall gets a problem fixed faster than email ever could

~ Feedback Updates are slowww – A need to refresh the page three times for Ebay to realise you’ve left feedback or changed the status of a listing

~ Repetitive message notifications that don’t go away once you’ve read them – annoying!

~ Life insurance banner adverts. Ugh. Missed opportunity – ad us something cool and relevant to what we’re searching Ebay for

~ The subliminal image of this guy. No matter what you’re doing you know in the corner of your eye he’s there

Who is he and want does he want from us?

eBay could be leaner, quicker and better.

~ Better privacy concerns

~ More flexibility with editing listings

~ Faster systems – feedback, eBay messages and other notifications that update in real time

~ Quicker and better ways in connecting buyer and seller than just eBay messages

~ Less clutter and less useless ads

Is eBay still small and smart enough to look at itself in a critical way to get better or is it now too big, bureaucratic and set to be outbidded by new kids on the block?

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